About Us

What is the meaning of “Ezer”

The breadth and depth in the meaning of the word Ezer embodies the essence and spirit of the foundation.

The Foundation was drawn to the name Ezer which is found in the bible.

Ezer signifies God as the one who comes alongside us in our state of helplessness.

The Ezer Foundation is thus a vessel open to bringing life, hope and healing. Ezer means to rescue and to save, and to be a strong helper.
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Distilling its root meaning, The Ezer Foundation aims to reach out to help not only in small ways and through modest acts and in valuing individual lives and families but also in ways that can strongly impact the community.


The Ezer Foundation is focused on helping:

  • Women and Children in crises fleeing from domestic abuse
  • Women being released from incarceration which is coordinated and supported as Project Safe Haven
  • “At Risk” aged population especially widows and widowers
  • Individuals and families affected by disasters and tragedies
  • Individuals and families in hardship


  • To treat everyone with respect. Respect is a basic human right.
  • To show compassion to all regardless of race, culture, religious beliefs.
  • To extend a helping hand to those in need.
  • To protect those that are vulnerable.
  • To serve and help develop our fellow man to a position of self worth and dignity.
  • To be non-judgmental toward the people we aim to serve and help.